Do you use samples?

No. Due to copyright law I don't use samples. All the beats that are sold are sample free.I know that sampling is part of hip hop but I don't want get sued for my music :). Also beatstars doesn't allow its users to sell sample based hip-hop beats.

Are beats removed from the website once bought?

Yes and no. When you buy an exclusive licensed beat, the beat is taken out from the site and it cannot be bought anymore. When you buy a lease licensed beat, the beat is not taken out from the site.

What if two different people buy the same beat?

If two different people buy the same beat, they can still each copyright their own song they make with that beat, and sell, distribute, perform and broadcast that song, keeping all their own royalties. When you purchase a beat from me (Sprite Johnson), the copyright for that beat alone still belongs to me. However, the copyright for the song that you make with that beat, your lyrics combined with that beat, belongs to you. And with the rights granted to you by my license agreement, you are allowed to sell, distribute, perform and broadcast (TV, radio, Internet) that song, keeping all of the royalties.

How do I buy a beat exclusively?

Email me at beats@spritejohnsonbeats.com. The Exclusive beats are 300$ per piece.

How can I download my purchased tracks?

I recommend that before you buy a beat from us you make a free Beatstars account or if you have an existing one use that. This way you can see the record of your transactions.

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow at the top right of the page located just to the left of your user image
  3. Next go to "My Profile".
  4. In the navigation tool bar on the left, click "Purchased".
  5. Once in the Purchased Tracks page, you can download the MP3 and/or Wav files of your purchased tracks where applicable via the download buttons.
  6. Check out this for more information: Beatstars FAQ

    But if you don't want to do the account you can buy your beat as a Quest.