Going towards success

Going towards success

The Slight Edge

A while ago I was watching this new movie called Passengers with my girlfriend. The movie was good and I was kind of satisfied that I went to watch it because I was kind of skeptical about going to movies. What I started to think about was that movies just pack someone’s life into almost two or three hours showing what is it like to be someone. Like the movie Passengers just go through 90 years almost in like 2 hours. What we subconsciously learn about movies is that life is just the same. You can expect immediate results after putting only two hours effort at anything you do. We all know that life doesn’t work that way. Last year 2016 I read a book called “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson, which main point is that success is same puny things done over and over and over again. Simple daily disciplines, little productive actions repeated consistently over and over time makes huge difference between failure and success. How about you read only for 15 pages of some good life changing book every day, or meditate 15 minutes daily, what kind of effect it could have on you 10 years into future. 15 pages of reading book isn’t much in itself but when you do it for example for one year it is 365 times 15 which is 5475 pages. If we think that the average book consists of 200 pages, in year you could read about 27 books. Or if the book consists of 300 pages in year you could make it up to 18 books. That is just the power of small almost puny things done daily. After ten years you have could have read about 180-270 new books by just reading only 15 pages every single day. So whatever is that you want to accomplish in life think about what small steps you can do today.

It is already working

The power of simple small things is already working on your life. For example if you have debt that is going to eat your money in the future.  If you eat junk food every day it is going to make you likely fatter and definitely sicker in the future. Maybe you like to get drunk and smoke cigarettes. I think everybody knows what the long-term consequences of drinking and smoking are. You aren’t laughing when you get diabetes or lung-cancer. If you aren’t educating yourself on regular basis that is going to have effect on you. These are just few examples. The point wasn’t to bully you but to wake you up. You have choice to not continue on the highway of madness. You can change your habits to better ones.

It is not pointless

Why people don’t do little things every day? Because they think that little things done every day seem pointless. I don’t want to finish this new song I am making or I am too lazy to go to gym, let me just eat this pizza I just bought. Little things are not pointless. Together the little things form into a one really big meaningful thing. However one celebration day doesn’t kill your progress if you are on other days back to developing yourself.

Do something today

So think about what can do today! If you are rapper it is good thing to make for example a blog post or video where you talk about your life and your opinion about the new Drake song or new Kendrick song.  Put you personality out there because your fans need to relate to you on a personal level. People are more likely to listen to your music if they know that you are real human being. Make a plan that you post new things on your social media site or your website at least one a week. Preferably you should make new posts as frequently as possible.





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