How To Build A Fanbase

How To Build A Fanbase Rapper

How to build a fanbase

Okay let’s discuss how to build a fanbase as a rapper. A lot of people want to be rappers or recording artist but a major problem is that they don’t have a fanbase. Having  fanbase is a must. It’s the lifeblood of your business and they are the people that support you and listen and buy your music so think your fan as a customer. Here are some dos and don’ts that should help you building your fanbase.

1. Be a giver and make quality content
Create interesting content to internet that is so good that people get coming back to you. No one is going to be interested in you if you don’t produce some kind of value to them. So for example you can make free mixtapes, write a blog, or put out some free digital product that is useful for people. As a beat maker like I, I could put out free drum kits or give out some mixing tips. Don’t just copy other people text and say it’s yours; you have to create unique content that you have made. That way you make some name on internet when your articles get shared on social media platforms.

2. Don’t spam and ask people to listen to your music
In my experience it’s really annoying when people just go for twitter and tweet to random people to say “listen to my music etc.” In reality nobody cares about you. They only care about themselves. Instead of just spamming around on internet, start building up relationships with people. The more people like you more support you can expect from them.

3. Music is not enough anymore
Today there is so much free music. Everybody is doing beats and rapping. You have to give something more than music. Think what you have to offer for your fans. Figure out what your fans need and fill that need. For example you can make a helpful e-book that you sell or give out free. I have to say for myself that I for long time think that it’s just create good music and you’ll be successful. Of course music matters but there are many more aspects to being successful than just making good music.

4. Be active
Make yourself a schedule that you post one new song every week or write a new blog post in every 3 days. Read about new ways to market yourself in internet or build relationships reaching out to people in Twitter. Do something every day that makes you go step ahead to your goal.

5. Patience
Today’s world everything is wanted now. We live in magic-pill society where everything is supposed to be fixed by taking a pill. What comes fast doesn’t stay long. In reality there isn’t just that one advice that is going to make you super successful. Success is built on small improvements and breaking your blocks that are keeping you stuck.

Don’t focus on numbers, focus on your quality. 10 000 Soundcloud plays are nothing, if you didn’t get any new fans from them.

So that’s it for how to build a fanbase, wishing you best of luck at building your fanbase up.

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