Losing weight and burning fat

Hello everyone!

In early this year I planned to start losing weight. In the holidays I was eating little too much sweets and Christmas food. I started my weight losing journey on January 4th and now I had lost 22 pounds or 9.9 kilos. At first I thought that I lost my weight way too fast but I noticed that before I started my cutting phase I was eating very salty foods that very really processed. I ate French fries, pizza, hamburgers, chips, chocolate and all that good stuff. I haven’t no clue how much calories I was eating but I was sure that it was too much. How this affects weight loss process is that you have huge amounts of water retention in your body. So when I started the weight loss I lost almost 3kg (or 6.6 pounds) on the first night just being on a calorie deficit. So basically at the first night the weight I lost was mostly water.

My goal at losing weight is to lose fat and not muscle. I have been going to gym for several years but I have had couple of breaks. First one was the because of Finnish army and other break was because I was doing shift work and had terrible schedules. And basically at the second break my motivation for going to gym was low because I hadn’t made progress at the gym. Know I would wish that I would just go to gym but past can’t be changed. But after the job ended I have been going pretty consistently to gym and that’s good.

My strategy in losing weight is to count every food that I eat. If you have never done it you could have huge resistance to it, at least I had. If your goal is too to lose weight keeping a daily log of what you eat and how much you consume calories is the most important thing you have to do. Because the only way to lose weight is when you are consuming more calories than you are eating in other words you are in calorie deficit. You can be eating junk food every day and lose weight if you consume more calories than you are eating. Also you could eat very healthy like being a vegetarian and eating only veggies and fruits and all those vegetarian foods and still get fat.

If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it

I have had times when I haven’t counted calories and lost some weight. My strategy then was to eat mostly vegetables some meat, nuts and seeds. The key in that was that for example salads and broccoli are low on calories but high on nutrients and therefore your stomach got more full than eating for example pizza which is high on calories but low on nutrients. That worked for some time but I kind of give up when the weight loss got harder. What I like about counting calories is that you have data where you can directly see what you did wrong when you were dieting. If you are on a diet and instead of losing weight you gain weight you can go back to your week and see what you ate that week. Then you can for example see oh at Sunday I ate too much pizza or didn’t track that oil that I used when I was cooking. Other thing why calorie counting is important in weight loss is because you can manage your diet easily and you don’t have to guess how much you can. A well-known management consultant Peter Drucker once said that “if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it”.  In my opinion that is really true when you are losing weight.

Being consistent

I know that I have to lose some more weight to get into my goal. But overall the process is going good for now. I don’t drop crazy amounts of kilos on weight scale any more like 3 kilos in one week and I have took some pictures where I can clearly see that my waist is going smaller. My biggest fear is that I lose my muscle mass and therefore I need to manage my diet. I can’t go to too big calorie deficit and I have to get enough protein every day. The hardest part of losing weight is that you have to be consistent. Every day I have to take care of being calorie deficit, getting enough protein, sleeping enough, drink water and meditate.

I have lost weight before. When I was like 17 years old I went from 95kg to 74kg. It took me almost a whole year. That was really big cut I did. One thing that I noticed that I didn’t still look the way I wanted to look. When I was 74kg in my opinion I looked really weak and I had barely any muscle. The exercise what I was doing was jogging for 10-15km as often as I could. I didn’t go to gym or do any exercise for the muscles. At that time I didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t look out how professional bodybuilders would lose weight or didn’t research what the experts were doing. I wasn’t satisfied at all when I went from 95kg to 74kg. But it wasn’t all just failure I did lost quite lot of fat in that diet.


There are several reasons why I want to burn fat. First reason is that I want to make my muscles more visible. If you have fat they are making your muscles invisible and therefore people can’t notice that you are working in the gym. Second reason is that I want to be healthier and I don’t want to feel tight with my pants. I really hate that my pants that used to be kind of loose now feel really tight. The third reason is that I want to prove to myself that I can do this thing. I think that is what builds confidence.


Below is my strategy:


– 150-190g of protein every day

– Drinking at least a gallon of water every day preferably 2 gallons

– Getting enough sleep

– Fasting 24 hours every week (doing intermittent fasting)

– Counting calories and making sure that I am in calorie deficit

– Keeping 1 cheat meal or cheat day every week (but not eating too much)

– Drinking only water

– Taking multivitamin, vitamin-D, fish oil, creatine, magnesium

– Meditating

– Doing resistance training on the gym


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