Super Rich: How to build a fan base part 2

What’s up everyone? It’s Joonas here from I haven’t been here for while so sorry about that. What I like to talk you about is this book called “Super rich – A guide to having it all” by Russell Simmons. Russell Simmons is a co-founder of Def Jam, which one of the most famous hip hop and urban music record labels in America. I bet you all know who he is but if you don’t know him, check him on Google. In his book he gives great advice for everyone that wants to attract fans and customers. His advice is good for everyone whether you are a rap artist, entrepreneur or a blogger. Basically his advice is “Give it until they can’t live without it”. So this means that you have to start giving your gift (example music, books, video etc.) away for free. Post it on the internet, share it on Facebook and never pass an opportunity to share gift with the world. Someday the world can’t live without your gift and therefore you attract record deals and money.

Russell says that the biggest misconception about music industry is that the best way to get a deal is to approach a record label executive out on the street and sing or rap a hook for him and then you get invited to sign the deal. The right way is to give your music to people and make name for yourself. You need to have your own website where you post your music and have social media accounts to support it. Russell says that he has seen for example Lil Wayne and Drake using this giving method and it really paid off for them. Before his fame 50 cent was for long time in the side-lines of rap game. His career didn’t take off and there were a lot of setbacks. The most infamous setback was that he got shot nine times in this neighbourhood. Regardless of his setbacks he didn’t give up and he figured out that by giving away as much music as possible he would get attention and loyal fans. What he would lose now on money, he would get back later after creating masses of loyal fans. Fans that would be first on the line, buying his album once he had the record deal.

When you are giving your gift it has to be honest expression of you. Your gift has to speak to your passion. You can’t do this if you only think about the money and the fans, you have to really love what you are doing. Record labels aren’t looking for next Drake copy-cat but instead they are looking for something that is unique. So what is unique about you and what is your unique selling point? How you stand out from the crowd?

This process isn’t an get-quick-thing, it is a get-slow-thing. You don’t get record deals after a night when you are using giving it to the others method. This is a going to be a slow journey where you are getting to your destination on a step by step basis. Don’t be hard on yourself if you aren’t perfect immediately. Keep on moving and enjoy the work and remember to give :).




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